Bravegirl: the Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition

Monday April 24th, 2017
International Sculpture Day

Bravegirl by Tara Conley is being added to the largest rotating collection of public sculpture in the South, the Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by the Helis Foundation.


A unique example of a public-private partnership, Sculpture for New Orleans, The Helis Foundation, the Odgen Museum of Sourthern Art, and The City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways work together to bring interesting and inspiring sculpture to the citizens of and visitors to New Orleans.

“Bravegirl is an inspiration. She is your sister, mother, wife, your daughter, granddaughter, best friend or perhaps, you. Bravegirl decides and doesn’t look back. She is warm, even on difficult days, stands tall for small voices, faces challenges with strength and fortitude, and she is the City of New Orleans.”
-Tara Conley, Artist

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For more details and chances to win Bravegirl t-shirts.

For more information, visit the Poydras Corridor mobile site: or, text “Poydras” to 56512.

Join us! Monday, April 24th

9pm Sculpture Installation
Poydras St @ S. Peters

3:30pm Student Celebration
Bravegirl Site on Poydras

4pm Workshop
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
925 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

5 pm Artist Talk
Moderator, Gia Hamilton, Joan Mitchell Center Director
Artists: Tara Conley, Rachel David, and Ashley Pridmore
Patrick F. Taylor Library
Ogden Museum of Southern Art

6:30pm Reception
Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Bravegirl merchandise will be available Monday in New Orleans
or email the studio now at

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Tara Conley and Joe Barrington – Texas Tech University

Engraved limestone phrases border the quadrants of the courtyard, while stainless steel pipes create a lighted archway beckoning the viewer with both grace and power. The iconic and bronze bear and stainless steel bull stand alongside the trajectories created, akin to their respective market trends. Six bronze regional commodities icons line the courtyard’s inner circle.

Each phrase is from Conley’s collection of text-based works, and inspires contemplation on integrity, business, and success. The artists constructed the archway of more than 200 pieces of stainless steel pipe with 240 bends that follow one another in perfect alignment then diverge and extend into distinctive lit tendrils floating in the air. In keeping with Barrington’s work, the bull and bear are fabricated with individually formed plates over an armature. The glow of uplighting creates a spectacular view from the second floor and beacon-like effect from a distance. A head-to-toe viewing experience, this installation establishes a space where art, architecture and achievement intersect.

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